Post-Covid Recovery Program in Bedford, Irving & Fort Worth TX

Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy is focused on one thing:

Helping our clients regain their function and independence in the safest way possible.

COVID affected everyone, whether through contracting the virus or through the effects of social distancing which has led many to greater inactivity. Both situations contribute to a decline in physical function, onset of acute pain, exacerbation of chronic conditions or even the development of additional physical conditions. Physical therapy, like the rest of the healthcare sector, has been at the forefront of the fight against COVID related illness and recovery. The role of physical therapy regarding COVID recovery is far from over. Physical Therapists will be assisting individuals recovering from COVID or COVID related conditions for years to come.  

How Can Physical Therapy Help Those Recovering from COVID-19?

Once an individual recovers from COVID symptoms their journey is not over. They may still need continued treatment to regain function. Hospitalizations or long-term illnesses typically lead to complications of the musculoskeletal system including loss of strength and function. The losses can include the inability to participate in prior exercise or recreational activities, loss of the ability to walk, difficulty rising from chairs, loss of balance, increased risk of falls, and loss of the ability to perform basic functions necessary to care for oneself. Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy can help improve these deficits with a personalized treatment plan focusing on your goals for recovery.  

Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy creates a safe & clean environment for individuals to take an active role in their return to daily activity.  

If your doctor has released you to participate in in-person physical therapy treatments, Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy's professional and qualified therapists can help you on your path to recovery.  

If your doctor has not yet released you for in-person physical therapy treatments, Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy can initiate your treatments through Tele-Health (varies by insurance coverage). You can start therapy from the comfort and safety of your home until your doctor determines you can join us in the clinic.

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