Orthopedic Therapy in Bedford,& Fort Worth TX

Getting back to your active lifestyle after an injury, accident, or surgery can feel like an uphill battle. At Barkman and Smith, our orthopedic physical therapists help you climb that hill!

Orthopedic physical therapy manages and treats disorders and injuries relating to the musculoskeletal system. We are here to help you overcome conditions that prevent you from participating in normal daily activities.

When To Have Orthopedic Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the foremost treatment methods toward recovery. Before surgery, it is often adopted as a non-surgical treatment for various musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. Sometimes, after surgery, you may need to spend some time healing before you start orthopedic therapy with a physical therapist. Your surgeon and physical therapist work closely together both before and after your operation to make sure your therapy supports your full recovery.

How Does Orthopedic Therapy Help?

Orthopedic therapy facilitates improved flexibility, strength, movement, coordination, endurance, balance, and pain management. By managing your pain, you are able to engage in safe stretching, conditioning, and strengthening exercise techniques that speed your healing.

Your physical therapist starts with a thorough assessment to determine which types of physical therapy modalities will work best for you. They may recommend:

  • Exercise;
  • Hot or cold packs;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Electrical nerve stimulation;
  • Manual therapy.

They will also give you the information you need to avoid activities that put you at risk for reinjury. Your physiotherapist will show you how to avoid twisting movements, lifting too much weight, and underlying proper body mechanics.

Different forms of physical therapy include passive, active, and progressive resistance.

Passive Physical Therapy

Your physical therapist generally begins with passive physical therapy, and some passive techniques continue throughout your recovery. Passive Physical therapy is when your physical therapist performs specific techniques on your body. These modalities have various purposes, including reducing pain or swelling, lowering muscle tension, realigning structures, and avoiding the formation of adhesions or scars.

Active Physical Therapy

Once you have healed some after your surgery (or in preparation), your physical therapist recommends a customized series of exercises. These actions you perform build strength and flexibility and reduce the risk of recurring injury.

Progressive Resistance Physical Therapy

Progressive resistive exercise (PRE) involves gradually adding load to your muscles to build muscle bulk and strength. This method is based on the same principles weightlifters and bodybuilders use to increase muscle strength by slowly adding more weight and increasing repetitions.

We tailor each exercise program to your individual goals.

Commonly treated orthpedic conditions include but are NOT limited to:

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