Wheelchair Seating/Mobility Clinic in Bedford & Fort Worth TX

A wheelchair is an assistive device and, as such, should be comfortable and functional. Without a proper assessment, you might get a wheelchair that does not fit and is uncomfortable. This increases your risk of injuries and reduces your quality of life.

Fortunately, your physical therapist in Bedford and Fort Worth, TX aims to help you get a proper wheelchair. When you visit our wheelchair seating and mobility clinic in Bedford, our physical therapist will assess your condition and work with a wheelchair supplier to ensure that the most appropriate seating system is chosen.

By considering your needs and abilities before choosing a wheelchair, our clinic can help improve your mobility, functional independence, and overall comfort.

What is Wheelchair Seating in Bedford and Fort Worth, TX?

Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy established our Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic in Bedford and Fort Worth, Texas, back in August of 2016 to accommodate the growing need for specialized seating and mobility assessments in the DFW community and surrounding areas.

We perform wheelchair and seating assessments for custom and non-custom power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. Jonathan Stoddard, PT, has been performing wheelchair evaluations since 2008. Jonathan's wheelchair/mobility assessment experience includes working with the State of Texas Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services as well as wheelchair assessments in both home and clinic settings. He worked with a consulting group to verify mobility equipment needs from an insurance coverage criteria perspective. Understanding how insurance companies verify needs improves his ability to justify the recommended mobility equipment in a way that minimizes insurance denials.

What Services Does Mobility Clinic in Fort Worth and Bedford, TX, Provide?

The Fort Worth Mobility Clinic provides several services to improve your quality of life and make movement easier. However, a physician’s referral is required for a wheelchair-sitting evaluation.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Evaluation to determine the consumer’s needs;
  • Evaluation of current manual and/or power wheelchair;
  • Demonstration of wheelchairs and seating products for trial and to generate recommendations for a prescription.

What Equipment Can You Get Evaluated For at the Wheelchair Seating Clinic in Bedford and Fort Worth TX?

When you visit our clinic, you can get evaluations for equipment that assists your movement. However, this equipment is subject to insurance approval. We provide evaluations for the following;

  • Manual wheelchairs;
  • Scooters;
  • Power Wheelchairs;
  • Seating systems, including seat cushions, specialty back supports, and other accessories.

Why Do You Need to Visit Wheelchair Seating Clinic in Bedford and Forth Worth, TX?

Mobility devices offer several benefits for your posture and movement. However, it is crucial to get a properly fitting system. Fortunately, the seating and mobility clinic in Fort Worth offers this. Our physical therapists are patient and attentive to your needs to offer you the best.

Getting a properly fitting wheelchair and seating system in Bedford will improve:

  • Seated posture
  • Comfort
  • Breathing
  • Skin health
  • Interacting with the environment
  • Functional independence with activities of daily living
  • Fitting of prescribed equipment when ready for delivery to ensure proper fit
  • Wheelchair mobility skills training.

What Wheelchair Resources Does The Mobility Clinic In Bedford and Fort Worth, TX Offer?

Barkman & Smith Physical Therapy offers several wheelchair resources to make your life easier. We work with manufacturers such as KiMobility, Levo, Permobil, Quantum, Quickie/Sunrise Medical, and Tilite.

We also work with all DME providers and DFW wheelchair companies, including National Seating and Mobility, NuMotion, Travis Medical, and DME Scooters.

What Makes Seating And Mobility Clinic In Fort Worth and Bedford, TX, Different From Others?

Our wheelchair, seating, and mobility clinic in Bedford and Fort Worth, TX serves adults and children with various musculoskeletal, developmental, and neurological conditions. You'll receive a detailed examination and assessment, including measurements of your strength, range of motion, posture, and ability to perform everyday activities.

We work with all wheelchair providers and partner with wheelchair and seating manufacturers. We have several manual wheelchairs and cushions onsite, which allows patients to trial certain equipment during the assessment. With advance notice, we can also provide onsite power wheelchair trials with most major manufacturers.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about how our wheelchair seating can improve your life.


What Is A Wheelchair Seating System?

A wheelchair seating system is a device that helps you perform activities of daily living (ADLs) with minimal to no assistance. It also reduces energy expenditure, ensures comfort, reduces the risk of secondary injuries, and promotes a positive self-image.

The seating system may have customized components like back support, cushions, and postural supports to support you in a sitting position.

What Does Wheelchair-Accessible Seating Mean?

Wheelchair-accessible seating means spaces in public venues that are designed to accommodate wheelchairs. These spaces are usually larger than standard seating to provide enough comfort and better viewing angles for wheelchair users.

What Is Wheelchair-Accessible Seating?

Wheelchair-accessible seating is designed for people using wheelchairs. Public venues with this seating can accommodate a full-size wheelchair, providing equal access to and enjoyment of public facilities to everyone regardless of their mobility needs.

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